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Shuffle with Elena

Learn this growing dance style with hours of video lessons and live monthly virtual classes!

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What's Included?

Built For Beginners

The 10 Day Challenge is a program built for beginners – you’ll learn one move a day leading into your first full choreo! This is a great place to start but is also for all levels to work on their fundamentals!


Join monthly virtual classes with Elena and the Every Step community! Subscribers gain unlimited access to all virtual class recordings so that you can watch upcoming and past classes when it fits your schedule!

On-Demand Video

Stream hours of exclusive video lessons that you won’t find anywhere else! Stay up to date with all of the newest dance moves, combos, and choreos! Elena takes you step by step so you can learn at your own pace!

Class Discounts

Subscribers receive a 15% off discount to Elena’s in-person classes taught at Energi in NYC! Check out Elena’s class schedule and see if you can make one of her in-person classes!

Join The Community

Use our built-in comment sections to ask questions and engage with other students. Elena is here to help answer all of your questions, but so is the entire Every Step community!


– New video content posted each month

– Online video tutorials for all levels

– Live virtual classes for all levels

– Access to all virtual class recordings

– Original choreo tutorials

The 10 Day Challenge is a great place to start! Each video breaks down an individual move one step at a time for you to learn at your own pace. You can access these free and members only videos at


Thousands of beginners have participated in livestreams with Elena from all over the world. These virtual classes are a great way to learn different combinations of moves alongside other students, as well as asking Elena questions right on camera!

If you are under the age of 13, we suggest that you have a parent or guardian with you at the start of class. As a reminder, you do not need to turn your camera on during class.


Please visit our Privacy Policy if your child is under the age of 13, as it is required that the account information is of the parent or guardian, though there are no age restrictions to dance!

You do not! Whatever feels comfortable for you! 

If you can’t make a live virtual class, you can always rewatch the class recording when it fits your schedule!


All members have full access to all virtual class recordings, all the time!

You will be charged $20.00 USD plus any tax the day that you sign up, and each month thereafter at the current rate until you cancel.

The day that you sign up for your membership becomes the first day of your billing cycle. For example, if you register on January 5th, you will be billed again on February 5th.


is creating a community
that dances together

Learn Elena’s style influenced by shuffling and cutting shapes. Livestream and learn with her ever-growing library of instructional videos.


is creating a community that dances together

Creating a community that

dances together

Dance on-demand

wherever you go

Live, on-demand learning for everyone.  Choose from a variety of online classes and premium video content. 

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