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Deleted User
Deleted User
2 months ago

I already knew how to do the V-step but the jumping V-step was such a fun one to learn, thank you!

As a matter of interest, is there a reason you prefer to shuffle in Vans over other more common “shuffle shoes” such as the Fila F13 or Nike Air? I really enjoy their look but I was just curious about their practicality for a beginner 🙂

2 months ago
Reply to  Beryl

Of course!!! I love adding the v jump step in whenever I can. It’s so bouncy!!! 😋

As for sneakers it really depends on what you feel more comfortable in. I have tried the Fila F13 I liked them but felt like they were a little too narrow for my foot. I have never tried the Nike Air’s yet but I have heard from other people that they do like dancing in them. I have gravitated more towards the high top van’s and the Adidas Pharrell Tennis Hu (most favorite right now as these are very light weight and more comfortable than any of my other sneakers I have tried dancing in) You will start to notice certain shoes help you do certain moves better. If I want to be super bouncy I always wear the Tennis Hu sneaker. If I want to do more shuffling related/gliding moves I normally will wear my high top van’s either regular or platform shoe. I definitely recommend testing some different shoe options. Let me know if you find any that you really enjoy dancing in. I am always on the hunt for good shuffle shoes!!! Hope this helps!!! 😊

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